Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems Technology (CVEST) focuses on broadly two different areas. The first one is on designing low power, high speed integrated circuits and systems. The second area involves innovating new tools and techniques for addressing the problems in High Performance Computing Architectures. The activities are designed to train manpower for carrying out research and development work and take up industrial problems. The Center works in close collaboration with organizations such as Xilinx, Altera, Intel Corporation, DRDO etc. The center has three labs under its supervision - VLSI CAD Lab comprising of state-of-the-art VLSI CAD tools like CADENCE tools suite - Embedded Systems Lab-1 equipped with ARM Processor kits, ATMEGA8 and ATMEGA32 boards - Embedded Systems Lab-2 equipped with Altera FPGA Boards, TI Mixed Signal System Development kit, Intel Atom Processor boards. The facilities are available to all Institute staff and students who would like to participate in VLSI R&D activity.